Statue Unveiling East Gate - 25th September

As part of the week-long Retrofest celebrations, a sculpture will appear at East Gate, Llanelli on September 25th.

The sculpture will be on a plinth which has been created between Zion and Hungry Horse. It will be kept under wraps until the unveiling, which will take place at 10.15am.

Councillor Gravell said: "At the end of the 19th Century the town was the tinplate manufacturing centre of teh world, known as Tinopolis. The brief to the sculptor was to create a figurative but contemporary stand alone sculpture as a tribute to the tinworkers of Llanelli."

The sculptor, Peter Walker has previously worked closely with the Llanelli community in the development of the LightingUpTime project which culminated in the light and sound show in Jan 2013 when images were projected onto town centre buildings.

The bronze sculpture is said to incorporate two figures, one male and one female, which is unique in such industrial artworks.

In addition to the sculpture there will be a digital art window display, for visitors and shoppers to see as they walk about in Llanelli.